Hi , I'm Jennifer DeGrassi

Holistic Voice - Sound Practitioner - Vocal Coach

Founder of Living Sounds

Creative solutions supporting the  National Disability Insurance Scheme community



We are a Provider of services for the National Disability Insurance Scheme Community around the voice   ~  singing lessons   ~  sound therapy  ~  breath work and somatic movement  ~  songwriting  ~ recording sessions ~ emotional regulation through the voice and somatic healing techniques . All of which are really effective and fun.


We offer a creative , extensive, alternative for health and wellbeing, discovery and community integration.  Anyone can do it and you don't have to be "a singer "


It’s not just about singing songs,  but around reclaiming the voice , self esteem , self expression , confidence and  balance by sounding your voice -  toning, and creating sound in an expressive and healing way, as well as songwriting ect. This ofcourse leads to more confidence when interacting and integrating with others.


We also work with the belief system and nervous system if appropriate.




Activities to choose from

* Singing vocal toning and free voice expression  ( you don't need to be a singer to expand and heal with the voice)

* Singing new and well loved songs of any genre, while learning vocal technique to expand your voice and make it more expressive

* Learning breath control to support your sound and be able to sing long notes with ease.

*  Nervous  system regulation ( Polyvagal breathwork and visualisations  ) 

*. Emotional balance and building resilience through voice, somatic movement and breath. 

* Soundscape creation and interaction.

* Song Creation

* Visualisation, movement and sound.

* Song recording and video filming.

* Exploring and neutralising limiting beliefs, blocks and building confidence.

* Sound Therapy - Soundbath.


All tailored to suit your needs and explored in a cosy Adelaide Hills Space.........

Come and discover the joy of Voice and Sound.



Singing stimulates the production of endorphins , dopamine ( mood and motivation boosting neuro transmitters ) oxytocin ( the peptide hormone of bonding with others ) and serotonin ( this makes you feel really good)

Singing reduces pain and elevates mood

Singing strengthens your immune system (studies show increases of IgA levels by 150%)

Singing reduces stress and anxiety ( chronic stress will accelerate ageing )

Singing increases heart and lung function 

Singing signals to the brain that you are safe, therefore enabling healing.

Singing facilitates nervous system polyvagal breathing as a byproduct . Singing will increase vagal tone and help the nervous system to regulate to a para sympathetic state from a stressed "fight or flight " state.  You'll feel calm and enriched. 


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for about 5 months now, doing both singing lessons and sound healing. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can honestly say I have been so blessed to have connected with her. I have learnt a lot in terms of singing, gaining a lot of confidence and I am excited to keep going. Her knowledge of the voice is beyond any of the previous teachers I’ve had. I always look forwards to lessons, it’s the highlight of my week."

Alex from Strathalbyn

"The sound healing has been such a wonderful experience! I have tried many different types of therapy and this has by far been the best. Jennifer has such a lovely calm and patient approach, she never rushes and always feels so welcoming. She truely meets her clients where they are at, without judgement or expectation. The way she uses sound is so calming and soothing, she has an excellent understanding of the nuances of the way sound can effect both the mind and body. She combines her extensive knowledge with an intuitive approach to really give the best experience possible. She has been very welcoming and understanding of my autism and trauma and I always feel at peace whenever I visit. "

Emma from Adelaide Hills


All of this and more while you are having fun and learning new skills.......

Located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in Stirling


Enriching the National Disability Insurance Scheme Community …….

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